Crystals & Orgonites

So, what on Earth are Orgonites?

Orgone is another term that describes the vital force, much like Prana, Chi, or Ki…

And Orgonites are known to be specific pieces of art work that always contain three different materials – resin, metals and crystals.

The metals are conducting materials and crystals are known to vibrate at the same frequency as humans – in their vibrant, healthy state. All living beings have an aura, a radiating presence that goes beyond the physical structure of the body and that disappears at death. If we imagine the cumulative effect of the electrical energy of all our cells, it is not too surprising that sensitive people can feel or even see the auric field of living beings.

Crystalline structures also have auras unlike other dead inorganic mineral structures.  They are a dense form of life and stable in maintaining their frequencies longer than other living beings do. Crystals are less subject to fluctuations and contamination through harmful surrounding vibrations than we humans are. For that reason, crystals have long been used as meditation focus, to clear spaces or as personal altar pieces.

For Reiki practitioners, other Energy Healers or Alchemists crystals help us when working across distances in time or geography. They assist us in maintaining a clear and pure intention. In Orgonites, the metals and crystals keep energy flowing and balance it to the healthy vibration levels of the crystals. Sensitive people find that Orgonites have a clearly harmonizing effect being both calming and vitalizing at the same time.

As my blog article about Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) points out, pulsating frequencies emitted by electrical devices, computers and particularly cell phones lower our vitality and stress living beings. Crystals can and do offset some of those harmful effects by emitting healthy life supporting energy.

Here are some more “not (yet?) scientifically substantiated” but none the less fascinating ideas and assertions about crystals from Heidrun Horn’s delightful book called “Kosmologische Edelsteinenergetik”

We know that our DNA carries the blueprint for our personal expression as human beings – but we often forget, DNA also carries much more information that lays dormant and underutilized in us. To what extent DNA is activated in people depends on our degree of consciousness. Through expansion of our awareness as light bodies we can accelerate the information transfer in our Extracellular Matrix which activates new potentials for carrier substances, neurotransmitters, enzymes and hormones. The DNA not only carries our blueprint for daily human functions, but also the blueprint of the entire universe! Crystals can act as keys to our inner treasure chest unlocking the intuitive knowledge of being part of that greater ONE. Crystals can help us, particularly in meditative states, to gain loving access to all existence. They can take us on a spiritual adventure journey. Crystals act as effective storage units of light carrying bundled information that will be accessible to us if we are receptive….

The Institute for Photonic Technologies (IPHT) in Jena, Germany, offers now an educational program on the subject of “Photonic Analytics of Bio-medicine”.  They already published many new insights into details of living processes at the molecular and functional level.

I would not be surprised to see the alchemical premise “As Above, so Below” confirmed if we found out one day that crystals are in fact crystallized light energy from the stars representing a communication link between the realms.

“The soul is tied intricately to the body and we are forced to see reality through the prison bars of our bodies rather than via unobstructed vision.” (Plato)

“Yes, we can change the world – it only ever is what we understand it to be.”          (Heidrun Horn)

I’ll stop making as of yet scientifically unsubstantiated claims and instead invite you to simply pick some crystals (one at a time) and meditate with them or play with Orgonites and see for yourself what type of subjective perceptions you might experience.

For the Orgonites I created for myself, I included sacred geometry symbols, symbols associated with healing intent for a very long time such as the flower of life, the cube of Metatron or an Ohm symbol.

Below are some of the pieces I created during 2017.

A mediation pillar and so much more….


26 pound 12″x 12″ pyramid from top and bottom – includes real 24 carat gold


Smaller 5″ x 5″ pyramids (side & bottom view)

A favorite piece….

Very powerful 7″ diameter disks, simply beautiful sources of grounding, uplifting and balancing energy – acting right where it’s needed…

A small 3.5″ dome – feels great in the palm of a hand….

….Let crystals take you on your own spiritual adventure journey – the sky is the limit….