Liquid Crystalline Water & Expressions of Divine Soul

In my last article I wrote about structure and posture – essentially focusing on the Earth element or on our physical body. In this article I’ll explore the role of the Water element in our bodies and in general. I’ll introduce very interesting scientific observations and derived knowledge as well as mystical & spiritual views. Both lead to similar conclusions narrowing the philosophical divide between the different pursuits of knowledge. I’ll start with a brief introduction to some basic alchemical principles that serve as a frame to scientific findings introduced later.

1) Mystical Views on Water

Water is one of the most basic and essential building blocks of life. Without it, no life could exist. It is the best solvent of necessary nutrients. Water is also the agent which carries emotions, brings about transformation and ultimately leads to healing. The Water signs in Astrology express this concept – Cancer (emotional sensitivity, protection), Scorpio (transformation, submersion into deep inner self exploration and reemergence) and Pisces (authentic true expression of self as part of the universe). During  summer months we experience life in the outer world; the full expression of life on Earth (two Fire element signs Aries and Leo expanding outward, two Earth elements Taurus and Virgo keeping us grounded and only one Water sign Cancer and one Air sign Gemini). During winter months we turn our focus inward, reflecting back and transforming and reuniting with our origin. It is no coincidence that during the winter months we find  2 Water signs (Scorpio and Pisces drawing us inward) as well as 2 Air signs (Libra and Aquarius directing our spirit with more of a mental focus) while there only is one Earth sign Capricorn and one Fire sign Sagittarius.

A synthesis of 7 basic hermetic principles of the universe are laid out in an alchemical document called Kybalion. Here is a free version of the full document:

7 basic laws of the universe:

  • Principle of Mentalism: All is Mind, the Universe is Mental; there is a connection between the microcosm of inner awareness and the macrocosm of universe
  • Principle of Correspondence: “As above so below, as below so above” allows us to reason intelligently from the known to the unknown
  • Principle of Vibration: The highest vibration is pure spirit and the lowest vibration is densest matter
  • Principle of Polarity: Differences are just a matter of degree; Where does cold start? Can you define darkness without describing light?
  • Principle of Rhythm: Rhythm is the compensating and balancing force between archetypes of polar opposites
  • Principle of Cause and Effect: Everything happens according to Law; chance is just unrecognized law; we can actively work to control our environment and life path and direct it according to our own WILL
  • Principle of Gender: This is a more specific manifestation of opposites that attract each other and expand into dynamic balance through combination and creation (Yin and Yang); there is a potential to create a third emanation; Sun and Moon give birth to new and perfect energy

In the process of creating Spagyric tincture preparations, the alchemist, separates the raw plant material (or minerals or metals) into its components that originated from the base elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) giving expression to three principles (Body, Spirit, Soul). After purification he/she joins these components back together and brings them to life in a higher (purer) energetic vibration of the original substance. This concentrates and preserves the healing forces of the raw material substance and keeps its nature intact in its entirety.

“As above – so below”

Alchemical Creation Principles

The Kabbalah is a mystical way of interpreting and   experiencing sacred scriptures to gain a better understanding of Divine laws and our role in creation. The Tree of Life provides a frame and system that helps to map and understand energetic archetypes found throughout Nature and the Universe. It does not matter whether it reveals the world of Light & Color or the world of Forms and Shapes, the world of Numbers or the world of Sound and Language – corresponding energetic qualities exist in each of these worlds or manifestations and all map to the same Tree of Life. Every one of these is a mirror of consciousness and expression of soul, simply manifested differently.

According to mystical teachings, Astral Fluid (Water) underlies everything there is, intrinsic and inseparable from the One Consciousness, where one experiences the ‘other’ in oneself and the ‘other-than-myself’ experiences me.

Below are some other energetic archetypes, notions and qualities ascribed to Water and/or the color blue.

Traditional Chinese Medicine describes the energetic qualities of Water as follows:

Water controls Fire and it feeds everything that is alive. Water is associated with flow, flexibility and cool temperature (of course there are hot springs, but most naturally occurring Water is cool, in the oceans, seas, lakes, rain, snow, etc.) It represents connection and communication as well as creativity. Earth controls and provides a container for Water. Water forms via condensation. Due to the variety of its properties, it is mysterious and a symbol of the unconscious dream life, our emotions as well as things we don’t understand in our lives.

Water’s season is winter and the direction associated with it is North (True North – pointing the way toward one’s True Self)

Water moves to the cosmic rhythm of the Moon orbiting Earth. The alternating pushes and pulls of tidal waves not only keep the Water energized but also directly influence our intuition, emotions and strength of our connection to cosmic wisdom regardless whether we are conscious of this influence or not.

2) Masaru Emoto – “The Hidden Messages in Water”

Since the mid-1990s Dr. Masaru Emoto, a graduate of Yokohama Municipal University in International Relations and The Open International University as Doctor of Alternative Medicine, had been taking pictures of frozen Water crystal formations. He recorded how crystal formation changes in response to specific thought or energy patterns. Here are some of his famous pictures:

Below I compiled a summary of Dr. Emoto’s experiments described in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water”:

  • Water has an infinite number of unique crystal expressions; Water’s information carries much wisdom and intelligence and should always be treated with respect – it needs respect more than it needs purification
  • We pollute our world-wide Water resource; chlorine and fluoride additions to Water prevent crystal formation – Water pollution cuts us off from our source energy and nourishment
  • The value of the Water to us depends on our state of mind, our level of consciousness and purity of soul which determines to what extent we can open ourselves up to the wisdom and knowledge Water makes available to us
  • As the world around us changes, Water is the first substance to record those changes and makes them available instantaneously to ALL – regardless whether we are able to perceive, interpret or even react to this new information or not
  • Our average bodies are ~70% Water (starting out as babies with 90% Water and reducing to ~50% Water content in old age)
  • Water in circulating motion is alive and stagnant water tends to get contaminated and eventually dies; (we really should think about ways to introduce natural circular movements to our Water supply…)
  • Water is a life force and it carries energy
  • Learning about Water is like an exploration to discover how the cosmos works
  • Illness is not the problem of a person; personal malaise spreads and affects ALL; vice versa thoughts and acts of loving kindness and gratitude also spread throughout; both are memories carried by and in Water
  • Water is the mirror of the soul and its life depends on vibration; the entire universe is in a state of vibration and each thing generates its own frequency
  • Water not only reacts to sound intelligently by altering its crystal formation, it also reacts to the written word or to thought patterns; it is capable to receive and emit any type of energetic frequency
  • It is important that we ‘know ourselves’, and are consistent so that our actions are in line with our feelings and conscience – Our intentions will draw the necessary energy to manifest
  • Water crystal’s reactions to vibrations created by irritation are similar to their reactions to mercury toxicity, Water crystal’s reactions to anger are similar to their reactions to lead, their reactions to sadness and sorrow are similar to their reactions to aluminum toxicity
  • Water crystal’s reaction to negative emotions disappear when it receives the opposite emotions; i.e. the reaction to hate reverses with gratitude, anger with kindness, fear with courage, anxiety with peace of mind and pressure or stress with mindful focus on the present moment
  • Complete geometric Water crystals form when Water meets any life supporting energy;  no Water crystals form with contaminated Water by any life threatening substances, be they of physical nature or simply toxic, threatening thoughts
  • Love and Gratitude form the most striking crystals in Water – they are able to make the Water immune to damaging effects of the magnetic field
  • Water is the intelligent link of everything on Earth since the same static amount of Water continuously cycles through all living beings; it never stops to record and carry information, knowledge and wisdom – how we look at something has either an enabling or a suppressing effect on it…. It is important that we cultivate a continuous awareness and express love and gratitude….

3) More on Water Memory & Homeopathy Works!

There is an enlightening documentary on Youtube about some relatively recent laboratory tests proving Water’s ability to not only receive information but also to communicate it. It is by Luc Montaignier, a virologist who jointly received the Nobel prize in Physiology/Medicine in 2008  with Francoise Barre-Sinoussi.  .  He diluted DNA strands in Water to the point where no more molecules of DNA were present in the Water. Then he sent samples of this homeopathically diluted Water to a laboratory in Italy where researchers were able to decode the DNA sequence (physically not present in the Water samples) with 98% accuracy. Jaques Beneviste made similar claims following some of his own tests in the laboratory in the 1980’s – but scientists ridiculed him and denied him the professional respect he deserved for his work. Others before him met a similar fate. The Russian scientist Boris Valdimirovich Derjaguin introduced during the 1960s a new form of Water giving credit also to another Soviet scientist, N. N. Fedyakin. He claimed that this “anomalous Water,” was  15 x denser than normal Water, had a boiling point higher than 100 degrees centigrade, and a freezing point lower than zero degrees. The scientific community refused to engage in this discussion and “discouraged” him with unprofessional means from any further work in that area. They claimed that impurities in the Water made all these observations invalid…. which, as we now know, was not the case. Mr. Dejaguin publicly admitted his “mistakes” and apologized but privately never doubted his findings.

Luckily there have been more scientists around the world who despite the risk to their scientific reputation engaged in this fascinating Water research and who were able to confirm Water’s unusual characteristics including its ability to carry memory and communicate.

There are relatively simple tests to confirm some of these claims. Dr. Ingrid Fonk describes an  experiment in her book “Krankheit ist messbar, auch wenn das Labor schweigt”. She placed two glasses of Water (only clear glass containers work for this experiment) next to each other….. She introduced a pathogen into one glass and allowed it to multiply….. Then she added an antibiotic to the same glass of Water and killed off all the pathogens. Subsequently she added the same amount of pathogens into the second glass of Water…. And surprise, surprise! What do you think happened? Yes, the pathogens could not survive in the second glass of Water…. The Water in that glass had already learned through nothing more than proximity to the first glass the energetic information of the antibiotics to fight the pathogens.

An excellent resource about more recent scientific research into Water is this web-site – it introduces many leading researchers who contributed to this new understanding about Water’s role and capabilities in life – once you’ll understand this, you’ll have a heightened respect not only for Water but life itself! Please explore….

4) Fereydoon Batmanghelidj: – “You’re not sick, You are Thirsty!”

Dr. Batmanghelidj is a MD who graduated at St Mary’s Hospital Medical School of London University. He dedicated much of the last 40 years to research into the healing powers of Water.  He personally experienced this healing during incarceration after the Iranian Revolution in 1979 when he treated fellow prisoners for a variety of ailments. In this section I will summarize key findings about connections between a (chronic) state of dehydration and many diseases that Dr. Batmanghelidj described in his book “You’re NOT SICK, You’re THIRSTY”. His website includes further details on his research projects.

  • Our bodies can suffer from deep dehydration without displaying obvious symptoms like a dry mouth; instead feeling tired, feeling flushed, feeling irritable, feeling anxious, feeling depressed, not sleeping well and more could be early warning signals for dehydration; due to acid build-up inside the cells, more serious symptoms can also be indications of chronic dehydration: Heartburn, Dyspeptic pain, Angina pain, lower back pain, rheumatoid joint pains, migraine headaches, colitis pain, fibromyalgia pains, bulimia and morning sickness during pregnancy
  • As our bodies age, we often get more dehydrated and we experience a loss of enzyme function –  the loss of essential amino acids to manufacture neurotransmitters is one of the most significant complications associated with dehydration – adequate hydration is the best insurance against premature aging
  • In dehydration 66% of the Water loss occurs in the interior of the cells, 26% is loss of the extracellular fluid and 8% is loss from blood or the circulatory system; inadequate hydration affects the functioning of processes like the Sodium-Potassium pump (see mineral section of this web-site or the EMF blog entry for details on it) therefore dehydration does also impact the body regulation system and changes necessary biochemical processes and mineral balances;  when cells lose their intended function, the damage from dehydration  becomes permanent (chronic); this damage can manifest in many ways such as childhood asthma, non-infectious earache in infants, autoimmune diseases or cancer

  • During “drought management” the first priority for our bodies is to supply blood and oxygen to the brain and then to other organs before supplying blood and water to muscle, skin and bone cells ; higher blood pressure and extra  histamines help to force Water into vital cells with greater pressure which counteracts the impaired osmotic pull resulting from dehydration; histamines play a role as neurotransmitters that help with Water regulation; histamines also act as a temporary substitute for Water by releasing energy needed for various body functions; drinking extra Water would be the logical response to relieve the body’s drought management mechanism; histamines would no longer be needed with proper hydration and blood pressure would adjust back to its normal range; taking pharmaceutical drugs in this situation to regulate blood pressure and to suppress histamines does not address the root problem but facilitates an extended dehydration state through long-term use of the drugs

Batmanghelidj describes how the following 6 diseases can all be understood as different drought management programs to cope with chronic dehydration. I recommend reading his book or website materials to learn how these mechanisms work in detail.

Asthma, Allergies, Hypertension, Constipation, Type II Diabetes and Autoimmune Diseases

  • In situations of chronic dehydration, it takes at least several days of drinking high amounts of Water to fully re-hydrate the body; when fully hydrated Dr. Batmanghelidj recommends that people with normal heart and kidney function should drink 2 glasses of Water early in the morning after getting up, then 2 glasses of Water 30 minutes before each meal and 1 glass of Water 2 ½ hours after each meal as well as extra water before exercise and anytime when somebody feels thirsty – He also recommends added salt intake with the increased water consumption.  – It is a common misconception that a low-sodium diet is helpful for people with high blood pressure; Dr. Batmanghelidj is not alone in recommending more salt in our diet – there are many others who also make the case for higher salt consumption – (sea salt and mineral rich rock salts that is not stripped of necessary minerals through processing) – on the GreenMedInfo web-site you’ll find references to articles from many experts recommending more salt – not less salt – for most (~1/2 teaspoon of salt per day according to Dr. Batmanghelidj).
  • Other helpful lifestyle habits to overcome any damage from dehydration are regular exercise to stimulate the fat-burning metabolism, a mineral rich diet of fruits and vegetables, meditation to detoxify stressful thought patterns as well as the full exclusion of coffee, alcohol and artificial sweeteners from the diet


  • Water is the main source of energy for the body – it generates electrical and magnetic energy inside every cell; it regulates energy and osmotic balance in the body; Water gives us power for all brain and body functions
  • Water is the bonding adhesive in the cell structure; Water becomes sticky at the cell membrane, it helps to hold things together by forming a protective barrier around the cells
  • Water is the main solvent for all foods, vitamins and minerals – but also oxygen; Water energizes the food; Water transports food throughout the body – Water literally nourishes us; Water also becomes involved in the metabolism of fat and of proteins into different amino acids
  • Water clears toxic waste from the body
  • Without Water we could not efficiently manufacture neurotransmitters or produce hormones
  • Water is the most effective naturally preventive and curative medicine

Salt consumed when fully hydrated:

  • Acts as an antihistamine; it can help to relieve asthma
  • Counteracts excess acidity inside the cells, particularly in the brain and kidneys
  • Helps with stress, emotional and mental disorders
  • Helps to regulate Serotonin and Melatonin levels in the brain necessary for sleep regulation
  • Maintains muscle tone (and prevents bladder leakage) as well as prevents muscle cramping
  • Assists in the prevention and treatment of cancer; when the body is both well hydrated and well mineralized and circulation delivers oxygen to all parts of the body then active, well-functioning immune cells can better reach the cancer and kill it (cancer does not survive with abundant oxygen)
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels

If you are at all interested to learn how Water and Salt together lead to all these ascribed benefits, the book “You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty” provides relatively detailed explanations.

Published findings by the Centers for Disease Control  state that water consumption in the US falls significantly short of Dr. Batmanghelidj’s recommendations and the demographics of people consuming inadequate amounts of Water more or less correlate with increased incidence of chronic diseases.

5) Mu Shik Jhon – “The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key”

This book by Dr. Mu Shik Jhon takes the advice of drinking enough Water for health benefits to the next level. His book emphasizes that not all Water is equal and that the quality and type of the water available to our bodies makes all the difference. Dr. Jhon was a distinguished scientist who obtained his PHD in Chemistry at the University of Utah after having taught for several years at Dongguk University in Seoul. He is well-known for his many publications on the Theory of Liquids, the structure of Water, properties of electrolyte solutions and much more.

97% of the Earth’s Water volume is found in the oceans and ~2% is in form of ice . But the amount of Water that is usable for us, in aquifers, rivers and lakes is only less than 1% (~0.65%) of the total Water on the planet. Water circulates through all living beings and is continuously being recycled.

Naturally moving Water is pure and energized. Water has some unique characteristics that can make us pause and contemplate:

  • Most substances contract as their temperature falls but Water reaches its highest density at 4 degrees Celsius. After that, as Water starts to freeze, it actually expands. This is why ice is lighter than Water and floats on top; this provides living sea creatures the opportunity to survive harsh winters at the bottom of lakes that might be frozen over.
  • Water’s density decreases (and not increases) under pressure.
  • Water can carry memory for prolonged periods of time

Unusual properties of Water like these motivated Dr. Jhon to research what type of structural changes in Water could explain these characteristics. Most people are familiar with Water’s molecule structure of H2O – two hydrogen atoms bonding to one Oxygen atom. But in regular Water these molecules are not found in isolation, they form bonds with adjacent molecules. The most frequent structures Dr. Jhon found are pentagonal and hexagonal Water rings.

Water weight changes depending whether it has molecules of H2O or molecules with pentagonal structure or  molecules in hexagonal structure. The observations about the heat capacity of the different types of Water molecules at various temperatures is also counter-intuitive. Regular ice for instance includes ~26% of hexagonally structured Water and at temperatures between freezing point (0 degrees Celsius) and -40 degrees Celsius it can absorb heat (energy) much less than the same amount of super-cooled Water (at warmer temperature than freezing point) that includes 100% hexagonally structured Water molecules.

Winter clouds are an example of Water that is super cooled and has 100% hexagonally structured Water molecules that freeze immediately when they get in contact with any surface matter.

Dr. Jhon also observed that Water surrounding normal proteins in the body is forming a greater percentage of hexagonal structures than Water surrounding abnormal or cancer causing proteins. Water surrounding cancer causing proteins has instead an increased amount of Water in pentagonal structures. Similar findings show that Water surrounding healthy DNA has hexagonal structure and Water surrounding abnormal DNA includes more pentagonal Water molecule structures.

With increasing movement in Water (i.e. the more turbulent Water becomes) more hexagonal structures are forming.

When Water reacts with surrounding ions from Calcium, Vitamin C, germanium or other minerals it creates more hexagonal structures. Dr. Jhon found that such alkaline ionized water is another example for hexagonally structured Water.

Strong energetic fields, (for instance Water subjected to electric or magnetic fields) can also create a charge separation in Water pulling positive ions to one side and negative ions to the other side. This typically happens when hexagonally structured water forms. Another fascinating observation Dr. Jhon made was that drinking hexagonally structured Water stimulates the turnover of the Water in our body cells. Smaller amounts of hexagonally structured Water exchange Water in our cells faster than larger quantities of unstructured Water. The turnover of Water in our cells is an indicator for our metabolic rate which promotes good health and aging. Hexagonally structured Water is energetically more powerful and keeps us healthy! It resonates with Calcium, Vitamin C and other major amino acids supporting our cell structure.

Drinking sufficient quantities of water is important, but we also need hexagonally structured Water to keep our cells in good health.

In summary we should make sure that:

  • Water is free of harmful substances such as chlorine, fluoride or even toxic thought patterns
  • Water has essential minerals including calcium and magnesium in naturally occurring amounts; alkaline ionized Water is better for us than neutral or distilled Water
  • Circulating Water or energizing Water in an electric or magnetic field can promote the forming of hexagonally structured Water

6) Gerald Pollack – “The Fourth Phase of Water Beyond Solid Liquid Vapor”

Dr. Gerald Pollack is a professor of bio-engineering at the University of Washington. He is well-known as a researcher who is not afraid to ask questions about everyday occurrences even when they risk challenging long-held dogma in the science community. He asks questions that have remained a mystery about Water such as:

  • How does Water serve as adhesive holding wet sand together when dry sand particles remain unattached?
  • Why do gelatin desserts made of 99.95% Water not leak Water and stay “gelled” together?
  • What makes ice so slippery?
  • How is it possible that warm Water can freeze more quickly than cold Water?
  • What prevents Water rising in trees from bursting the capillaries given the weight of the Water and pressure pushing it up from the roots to the crown?
  • How can the surface tension of Water support critters walking on pond surfaces and why do boats not sink in ocean Water? The conventional pressure theories fall short of fully proving logical.

In his book Dr Pollack documents findings from his many years of Water research revealing a revolutionary understanding that offers a different scientific explanation for these observations based on when and how hexagonal Water structures form.

His most important principle about Water is that it has 4 phases, the three well-known ones such as ice (solid state), Water (liquid state) and vapor (gaseous state) as well as a 4th state which he calls structured Water or exclusion zone EZ Water.  It is gel-like and therefore fits between the solid state and liquid state as its own consistency with distinctly different characteristics from both other states – It is a liquid crystalline state of Water.

Dr. Pollack explains in detail how the structuring of Water occurs biochemically and that in doing so Water acts as an energy delivery mechanism to all living cells.

In Fourth Phase Water an electric charge separation occurs where negative charges build in the structured area of Water and positive charges concentrate in other bulk areas of Water in form of Hydronium ions. Positively charged Hydronium ions form when a third Hydrogen atom attached to an H2O molecule.

Noteworthy properties of this 4th phase of Water are the following:

  • Structured Water lies near the surface of any body of Water. The purer the Water the more pronounced the structured Water formation will be at the surface. This in essence confirms the findings of the Russian scientists mentioned earlier who made these claims about what they called “Polywater” in the 1960s. But as mentioned earlier they were not taken seriously.
  • Structured (exclusion zone EZ) Water is more viscous and more stable than bulk Water
  • Its structure becomes so tight that it emits less infrared energy (like an ordered crystal) than bulk Water where molecular components move around more vigorously and therefore emit more infrared energy
  • When structured Water forms, positive and negative Water components separate
  • Multiple stacked hexagonal honeycomb shaped grids that have oxygen to hydrogen ratios of 3:2 (not 2:1 as in H2O) make up the molecular structure of this EZ Water; this explains the primarily negative charge.

  • These Water honeycombs tend to build on any hydrophilic surface (hydrophilic = attracting Water with presence of oxygen atoms that serve as a template to start the hexagonal grid formation)

  • When the honeycomb structure is complete, the negative charges of the EZ Water will be strongest; if oxygen atoms are missing, the structured Water is less stable and less negatively charged. In the extreme it is even possible that EZ Water could carry a positive charge when the lattice is very fragile from missing oxygen atoms holding it together.
  • Structured Water effectively acts as a battery supplying much of nature’s needed energy where one battery pole lies in the structured Water area near the surface (with abundant oxygen atoms giving it a negative charge H3O2) and the other pole lies in the adjacent bulk Water with the opposite positive charge from Hydronium ions H3O
  • Water absorbs energy from the environment – and it can release energy back into the environment in many forms like optical, biochemical, electrical and mechanical energy. The experiments Dr. Pollack did to illustrate this ability are just a brief teaser to anybody’s imagination of what potentials this represents! One conclusion is that more likely than not, penetration of light into our bodies carried in the Water helps to mechanically drive capillary blood flow (Did we really think the heart as a muscular pump is enough to pump it all alone with all that friction?) It’s a fascinating and an interesting notion, that even animals and humans who are not capable of photosynthesis can convert sunlight directly into mechanical action….

Dr. Pollack and his colleagues were able to prove that radiant electromagnetic energy is able to fuel and energize Water so that new structured Water can form and charge separations will occur. Infrared light has the strongest effect on creating structured Water. But Water definitely also reacts in repeatable, observable patterns to other energetic frequencies including sound.

This theory also explains how organisms can thrive in deep-sea without being able to breathe or photosynthesize. The cool structured Water (4 degrees Celsius) near the ocean floor gets fueled by the Earth’s thermal vents and infrared energy radiating directly from the Earth. The abundant oxygen in the structured Water is enough to sustain life’s processes.

The book “The Fourth Phase of Water – Beyond Solid Liquid Vapor” has many more examples of unusual observations of Water and it tests this 4th phase of structured Water theory against the more traditional ways of explaining these phenomena.  Despite its scientific subject, it is  very well-illustrated and easily understandable.

Dr. Pollack and his team also have a web-site where he provides background to his work and lists more of his publications.

To close this section, here is another interesting observation.

The scientist Piccardi conducted daily experiments over the course of 12 years and found that the reaction times from one experimental run to the next varied depending on what time of the year it was. In his 1962 publication “The Chemical Basis of Medical Climatology” he concluded that it must be the Water that absorbed the environmental energy and influenced the reaction times of experiments. He found that during December/January reaction times sharply dipped, and increased around March reaching a maximum in June and July.

7) Closing the circle back to Alchemy

As we are changing our views and understanding about Water, a very significant potential to transform our lives in many ways arises. Healthcare alone can benefit enormously using Water in targeted ways to deliver specific healing information needed….. The beauty of it is, that it is a relatively low-cost opportunity to make healthcare gentler but also more effective and truly healing.

Once these insights become more widely known and accepted, our respect and appreciation for each other should grow which should influence and turn upside down just about everything in our culture and civilization.

Maybe the phase of “being thirsty” will mean again, as it once did in the distant past, a the yearning for knowledge and connection to our roots and origin…. because that’s what we truly get with a mindful drink of water!

Let this be a wide-spread wake-up call raising questions for everybody. The fundamental alchemical search of “Know Thyself” (also meaning “Know the Universe” – “As Above – So Below”) could become the exercise that has the  potential to change the world as we know it.

I’d like to close this blog entry with an excerpt from the Emerald Tablets, a Foundational text for Alchemists:

….. Separate the Earth from Heaven,

The subtle from the gross

Gently and with great ingenuity

It rises from Earth to Heaven

And descends again to Earth

Thereby combining within it

The powers of both the Above and the Below…..

(Joe Dubs allowed me to use his art here – you can check out more of his beautiful work at his web-site: )

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Posture and Alignment – What do they Express? Structure isn’t Just Structure Alone….

The topic of today’s blog is Posture & Alignment of our bodies. While most people would agree that there are relationships between our physical, emotional and mental health, our society’s main focus is still on seeking solutions primarily in the domain of our physical health.

Our physical body is the densest form of our whole being and expresses our structure. It is at this level that we become conscious and perceive with our senses when our health is declining. But it is important to realize that structural issues and pains are often secondary symptoms or expressions. We tend to think of our physical presence as more objective, many people experience awareness of being on this level alone and view any subtle layers around it as more subjective theoretical constructs that you either believe in or question depending on your intuitive inclination and/or experiential acceptance of this understanding.

Today’s article seeks to connect some undeniable facts and historic occurrences and in doing so maybe expand our tolerance to view structural physical problems in a larger context of being. 

ALL Muscles Cooperate to Support the Skeleton in Action

If we have weak or atrophied muscles our posture suffers and shows this weakness. Our bodies are intelligent – even with such weaknesses, they will always figure out alternatives, recruiting different muscles to step in and compensate for the weaker ones. The highest priority to support the head and brain will always be taken care of first – if the spine or other muscles need to sacrifice their integrity and perfect alignment to do so, they will.

Stresses on Structure & Alignment

a) Acute Trauma, Accidents & Injuries

These are things that first come to mind when we think about damage to our physical bodies. Sudden, unplanned and often violent impacts definitely impair our body structure. Broken bones, torn ligaments and bruised muscles need to heal over time. Those injuries often leave long-lasting scars affecting different layers of our being

b) Gravity

Gravity is probably the most significant ongoing stressor to the structure of our human body. When we are out of alignment, we can not only experience pain but also drain our energy reserves. If the misalignment becomes habitual, our bodies are intelligent enough to hold our head upright, since it is the heaviest extremity straining the spine. This leads to compensation and compromises elsewhere in the structure and the pull of gravity can lead us to suffer a variety of degenerative, neurological, cardiovascular, and cellular diseases.

c) Habitual Movement, Emotions and Thought Patterns

Poor posture due to a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise or wearing of uncomfortable clothing including high heels eventually results in injuries from straining muscles. Frequent examples are a hunching forward leading to tightened chest muscles and weak back muscles that can lead to ongoing pain in the neck and/or shoulder area; emotional and mental struggles like depression or anxiousness or worrying thought pattern also often lead to such a stooped forward posture. Low back pain is the result of many causes including uneven use of legs, a tilted pelvis or simply habits of heavy lifting straining the low back area repeatedly and excessively.

d) Environmental & Societal, Cultural Conditions

We are all facing much higher heavy metal and petrochemical toxicity than we ever were in times past. Sources for heavy metal toxicity building up in our bodies are leaking dental mercury or herbicide, insecticide, fungicide and/or toxic solvent exposure or vaccinations – all leading to tin, copper, aluminum, arsenic build-ups. Sources for built up petrochemical toxicity are often the use of body care products, plastic food and water containers, and many more.

Although there isn’t a lot of research confirming the assertion, holistic providers and naturopathic doctors know that sacroiliac pain is often a sign for a toxic gut. Skin, muscles, spinal and extremity joints as well as connective tissue can all receive viscero-somatically referred pain.

There are also structural changes to our teeth and jaws resulting from poor nutrition. A comprehensive long-term study conducted between 1932 and 1942 linked the consumption of refined and processed foods and sugars to facial bone, jaw and tooth alterations.

Dr. Weston Price published his study findings of 14 groups of people around the world in a book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” in 1939. It clearly confirmed that those who consumed a wholesome diet of real food containing meat from all parts of the animals, fish, grains, fruits and vegetables,  experience extremely rare incidences of cavities – usually less than 0.5%. But as soon as people introduced refined foods (including sugars, processed flours and oils etc.) into the diet, not only cavity occurrences skyrocketed to 25% – 75% of the population but also facial and dental arch deformities. So the fact that so many children need braces today has less to do with our increasing standard of living and ability to afford them but is rather a sad side-effect of our so-called progress in civilization! Prior to this “progress” these structural bite adjustments were not needed!

There is a whole separate mini-nervous system involving 12 cranial nerves around our head – it’s called the trigeminal nervous system and it receives sensory information from teeth, mouth, nasal cavity, face and scalp. Our proprioception is our felt sense of posture in space via nerves in joints and muscles and it definitely reacts to new structural challenges resulting from our inferior and less nutritious diet.

Dr Raymond Silkman, a LA holistic dentist published this fascinating article in 2005 “Is it Mental or is it Dental?” It is well worth reading the full article – but here are just a few excerpts from it.

Since a normal adult cranium weights between 12 to 18 pounds, the musculo-skeletal strain in the neck or cervical region to support a forward head posture can cause a cascade of events leading right down to the feet. The forward head posture in most individuals creates improper spinal alignment and lack of proper curvature to the spine at critical areas. There is also an alarming trend in hip and knee replacement surgeries and many individuals have improper or mostly flat arches in the feet necessitating orthotics in their shoes or, even worse, corrective surgeries.”

He goes on to point out that an underdeveloped chin and jaw structure often leads to a tightening or even obstruction of the airways and causes us to mouth-breathe.

“Due to the lack of proper oxygenation, the ability to deliver fully oxygenated blood to the cells is also much reduced. Thus mouth breathing has a negative effect on every cell in the body as it deprives them of oxygen. Overall wellness and health requires proper oxygen as every particle of our being requires oxygen. Cancer cells, by the way, are anaerobic by design. Other manifestations of mouth breathing include snoring and cessation of breathing (also known as sleep apnea), some types of headaches, hypertension without other known clinical causes, bed wetting, chronic ear or sinus infections, TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain, sleep disorders and dark patches under the eyes.”

  • Difference in Osteopathic and Orthodontic Dental Care

Finally, I think it is important in this context to point out the difference in addressing tooth and jaw irregularities via the most common practice of orthodontic fixtures versus a more holistic intervention from osteopaths. Louisa L. Williams, a Naturopathic doctor, who also holds a master degree in psychology and a doctorate degree in chiropractic, dedicates a section in her book “Radical Medicine” to this subject. She chose the title deliberately using the word radical mindfully of its origin ‘radix’ = root in Latin thus describing a medicine that identifies root causes, goes back to the origin of disease and is far-reaching and thorough. She describes in great detail how different solutions to fixing dental, jaw and bite problems particularly in children and juveniles “…can have a profound impact on individual’s structural growth, nutritional assimilation, immune system functioning, and central nervous system development (mentally, emotionally and even as it relates to IQ)”.  In typical orthodontic care for example it remains standard practice of care to extract teeth to create space in tight and underdeveloped jaws before placing braces and retainers. This approach focuses on the straightening of the teeth with little concern for effects on the rest of the patient’s body. Orthopedic solutions seek to understand the impact on all bones, joints and structural elements of the body including its biochemical functioning as well as psychological aspects. In the example of an underdeveloped jaw and insufficient space for crowded space, they would likely seek to place plates to widen the palate and stimulate bone growth to develop the structure that allows all teeth to stay in place and become aligned.  Learning about the details how this difference in approach can foster or tamper with finding, reaching and expressing our full potential and intelligence is fascinating and eye-opening. For anybody doubting this assertion here, I’d like to refer back to chapter 19 of Dr Weston Price’s book “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration”. It is specifically addressing aspects of physical, mental and moral deterioration associated with abnormalities of the palate. It also illustrates that the reverse is true as well. Particularly impressive are the pictures of  a 16-year-old young man with Down syndrome who had the mental abilities of a 4-year old and was physically developed comparable to an 8-year-old.  His upper jaw was underdeveloped and fit entirely into his lower jaw and his left nostril was entirely obstructed. At age 16 he had orthopedic procedures done to widen his upper palate. Here is a direct quote from Dr. Weston’s book describing the results: “He grew 4 inches in about 4 months. His mustache started to grow immediately; and in 12 weeks’ time the genitals developed from those of a child to those of a man… His mental change was even more marked. The space between the maxillary bones was widened about one-half inch in about thirty days. …. In a few weeks’ time he passed through stages that usually take several years.”  The pictures clearly show that this young man had developed from an infant to an adolescent in a matter of a few months. “On his return to his home town, his efficiency had increased to such an extent that the mother could send him with the money to the grocery store with the order for the day’s groceries and he could bring back the right change and could tell when it was correct. He could also come alone to me ninety miles by railroad and make two changes of trains and the various transfers on the street cars of the city with accuracy and safety. He wore an appliance in his mouth to keep the bones in position. This appliance became dislodged; the maxillary bones settled together; immediately or in a day or two he lapsed into his old condition of lethargy accompanied by an old trouble… namely nausea…. With the readaptation of  the separating appliance… he returned rapidly to his improved condition.” This book was first published in 1939!

Dentists do influence our overall well-being far beyond the tooth aches we go see them for today. A responsible, holistically thinking and trained dentist should be aware of the dangers of exposing our bodies to excessive toxicity with dental materials that harm us starting with mercury containing amalgam fillings, continuing with glues and cements that intoxicate us and ending with composite materials we might react to with sensitivity or allergy. Individual testing with regard to our personal tolerances and sensitivities coping with these materials on an ongoing basis should have long become a standard practice. But sadly, this type of biological testing remains rather the exception than the norm. There also is an opportunity to alert us to related health issues that could be detected by analyzing our oral health in connection to relating organs and tissues.

Connection between Spine, Teeth, Organs, Endocrine Glands, Joints and more

There are many causes for misalignment and postural compromises and they do not affect the structure in isolation, rather there is an intricate web of interconnections between our different body components.

Already 1000 years ago, Hildegard von Bingen was well aware of the interconnectedness of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. She was a studied nun who eventually became head of her convent and corresponded with influential people of her time (including Emperor Barbarossa). But she also had visions of God, in other words she trusted that part of her knowledge and wisdom had Divine origin that she accessed through intuition, prayer or mystical experiences.  She was a very sickly child and faced and overcame many health challenges throughout her 81 year-long life.  She composed beautiful music and was an all-around talented woman. Her herbal knowledge, nutritional guidance as well as other spiritual wisdom are still widely recognized and cherished today. What I want to point out in this article are her interesting associations of vices and virtues associated with every single vertebra in our spine. This was at a time when neither the nervous system nor the regulation mechanisms in our bodies were very well understood. Wighard Strehlow captured her teachings on this subject in his book “Die Psychotherapie der Hildegard von Bingen – Heilen mit der Kraft der Seele” He describes all of her 35 pairs (34 vertebrae and one overarching pair for the head) of vices and virtues and their associated organs and potential effects on health at any physical tissue level. From a spiritual perspective he explains what a virtuous and ethical life looked like to Hildegard and how the risks of deviating from that path with negative emotions and an unhealthy life-style results in ill-health. He also describes how Hildegard used crystals to accompany the spiritual healing path.

Current understanding of the associations between our body regulations and the connection to energetic flow along the meridians with electrical stimuli connecting the spine, teeth, organs, glands and other tissues is more advanced. In particular Applied Kinesiology and Electro-Acupuncture use the knowledge that signal transmission from acupuncture points to the organs and vice versa happens in the extracellular space and that every organ works with an energetic potential that is measurable and that can be manipulated at the acupuncture points. There is an information exchange between organ and acupuncture point.

The following diagrams are based on illustrations from Dr. Ingrid Fonk’s book “Krankheit ist messbar auch wenn das Labor schweigt” – She was a German internist inspired by biophysics and dedicated her work to develop and expand known diagnostic and treatment possibilities.

In Touch for Health detailed muscle mappings to neurolymphatic points as well as to neurovascular points are also used to clear energetic blockages that might manifest in muscular and structural imbalances.

History of Holistic Providers – Chiropractor, Osteopaths and Eclectics

a) Chiropractic heritage:

In 1897 Daniel David Palmer established the Palmer School and Cure, later known as the Palmer Chiropractic College. It was the first Chiropractic School. At that time a chiropractor was a holistically treating physician. The scope of practice went well beyond spine and bone problems and chiropractors who trained at the Palmer School and practiced at chiropractic clinics treated the entire person.  Palmer believed in the healing power of nature and the body’s vital force. By 1922 chiropractic colleges existed in 22 states.

During the early 1920s all through the end of the 1950s chiropractors were known to heal conditions that otherwise were not improving with standard allopathic care. There were two clinics in Davenport, Iowa, Clear View and Forest Park that were particularly effective in helping people with severe mental illness.

Clearview conducted a long-term study of mental patients they had treated and reintegrated into social life after releasing them from their care at the Sanatorium. After 7 years when the study came to an end due to the closure of the Sanatorium their record was as follows:

In 1949, The Chiropractic Research Foundation of Webster City, Iowa published a public-information booklet written by Dr. Schwartz with the technical and editorial collaboration of George W. Hartmann, Professor of Psychology, Teachers College, Columbia University. It’s title was “350 Nervous and Mental Cases Under Chiropractic Care”. You can find multiple references on the internet about the publication. I am quoting from the following:

“Of the 350 patients in the Schwartz survey, 212 or 60.5 per cent were “apparently cured” through chiropractic, 87 or 25 per cent “much improved,” 28 or 8 per cent “somewhat improved,” 19 or 5.5 per cent revealed “no change,” and 4 or 1 per cent were “worse.” Thus in 93.5 per cent of these patients improvement was noted ranging from apparent cure to some betterment of the condition.”

“The Schwartz study becomes even more impressive when it is noted that of the patients studied 33 per cent had been in mental institutions and another four per cent were on the verge of being committed at the time chiropractic was first applied to them. More than 55 per cent had received general medical care, 13 per cent had undergone some form of shock therapy, and six per cent had had psychiatric treatment. Of the entire 350, all but five had had at least some degree of medical and psychiatric attention. Under such treatment, 27 or 8 per cent of the entire group had worsened, 33 or 10 per cent had shown some improvement, and 285 or 81 per cent had shown no change either for better or for worse.

So what happened? Why did we lose this heritage of treating the mentally ill with effective chiropractic care entirely?

Quoting another analysis document regarding this subject: 

 “Unfortunately, both institutions closed. (Forest Park in 1959 and Clear View in 1961) in large measure because of third-party pay issues. Insurance companies often refused to pay the costs of care. Iowa statutes at the time did not provide for licensing specialized hospitals; only full service medical hospitals could be licensed. Clear View was not licensed as a hospital, and functioned legally as a nursing home.”

The rest of the chiropractic profession found itself under severe attack organized by the American Medical Association (AMA).

In 1963 the AMA established the Committee on Quackery which had a declared mission to contain and eliminate chiropractors! In 1966 they declared chiropractors as unscientific cult members and issued an opinion in 1967 that it would be unethical for any physician to cooperate or associate with a chiropractor. See P. Joseph Lisa’s book on “The Assault on Medical Freedom” for more details. In 1987 Judge Susan Getzendanner, US District Court for Northern District of Illinois ruled that under the Sherman act this type of conspiracy against a trade was illegal and sided with 5 suing chiropractors who had filed their law-suit against the AMA over this issue in 1976. The chiropractors were indemnified for their legal fees – this was too little too late; insurance coverage had not been reinstated for chiropractic care – and without it there just wasn’t sufficient demand to sustain the profession or its colleges. Over time they lost scope and influence. Most chiropractors accepted to treat back pain within the musculo-skeletal domain only in order to survive and to keep a low profile under such pressure . Chiropractic schools had already stopped teaching the positive effects of manipulation on organ health and the experiences of viscerosomatic referrals. In other words we started to ignore the origins of pain and sensory organ stress signals to the nervous system caused by certain foods, a lack of nutrition, chemical drugs or emotions. As a result we are taking pharmaceutical pain medicines today and treat every patient with standardized protocols regardless of origin of the complaint.

Here is an excerpt from judge Getzendanner’s ruling quoted from Wikipedia:’n

“….The defendants have offered some evidence as to the unscientific nature of chiropractic. The study of how the five original named plaintiffs diagnosed and actually treated patients with common symptoms was particularly impressive. This study demonstrated that the plaintiffs do not use common methods in treating common symptoms and that the treatment of patients appears to be undertaken on an ad hoc rather than on a scientific basis. And there was evidence of the use of cranial adjustments to cure cerebral palsy and other equally alarming practices by some chiropractors.

I do not minimize the negative evidence. But most of the defense witnesses, surprisingly, appeared to be testifying for the plaintiffs. Taking into account all of the evidence, I conclude only that the AMA has failed to meet its burden on the issue of whether its concern for the scientific method in support of the boycott of the entire chiropractic profession was objectively reasonable throughout the entire period of the boycott…… I conclude that the AMA has failed to carry its burden of persuasion on the patient care defense.”

b) Osteopathic heritage:

Dr Andrew Taylor Still invented the term “osteopathy” – he thought that by diagnosing and treating the musculo-skeletal system, physicians could treat a variety of diseases and spare patients the negative side-effects of drugs . He opened the American School of Osteopathy in 1892 in Kirksville, Missouri. He promoted the idea of preventive medicine and the philosophy that physicians should focus on exploring the origin of the disease instead of simply fighting the symptoms. He believed the human body would function smoothly into old age, if properly cared for and that every living organism had the ability to heal itself of ailments. He taught how to restore health and reduce systemic infection through spinal manipulation.

Key elements to his way of practicing osteopathic care are the following:

  • Great attention to anatomy
  • Body’s ability for self-healing
  • Prevention and the concept of “wellness.”
  • Attention to the lymphatic system (which filters foreign matter and removes excess fluids, proteins, and waste products from the tissues and transports them to the blood for elimination) and
  • Manipulating the fascia (connective tissue that is tough, but thin and elastic; it forms an uninterrupted three-dimensional network from head to foot, sheathing every muscle, bone, nerve, gland, organ, and blood vessel)
  • Addressing illness must take a whole person approach to treatment
  • Nervous and circulatory systems play crucial roles in maintaining the functioning of the body’s organs and systems

Osteopathic medical care faced similar criticism to the one displayed against chiropractors. They also labelled by state medical boards as “cult system of healing” – In California alone, the AMA spent $8M during the 1960s to end the practice of osteopathic care.

Since the efforts to defeat the osteopathic practice failed, the AMA eventually decided to merge doctors of osteopathy into their organization – Over time this resulted in a gradual loss of holistic practice and a blending towards more acceptance of allopathic standards of care by initially trained osteopathic doctors. In other words, many Doctors of Osteopathy today follow AMA standards of practice.

In 2005 the president of the Association of American Medical Colleges declared: “After more than a century of often bitterly contentious relationships between the osteopathic and allopathic medical professions, we now find ourselves living at a time when osteopathic and allopathic graduates are both sought after by many of the same residency programs; are in most instances both licensed by the same licensing boards…”

In the United States, both MDs and DOs are now fully licensed medical doctors and have full medical practice rights.

Between 1980 and 2005, the annual number of new MDs remained stable at around 16,000. During the same period, the number of new DOs increased by more than 200%. It is unclear whether this difference in popularity is due to the difference in philosophy about healing or due to the fact that it is easier to be accepted at Osteopathic Colleges than at other Medical Schools.

According to the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) there has been consistently growing interest in learning the profession over the last 25+ years.

 c) The fate of the Eclectics:

As a herbalist, I’d like to also mention the fate of the Eclectics in this context. They were holistic herbalists with great clinical success records. Eclectics selected remedies to support nature’s inherent self-healing capabilities. (The vitalism principle) Their influence started to grow around 1800 when eclectic herbal schools around the country organized their results of studies of Native American medicine and taught accordingly. Their activities and influence peaked around 1880-1890. Then in 1910 the “Flexner report” was issued – Abraham Flexner was neither a doctor, nor a scientist or even medical educator. But he was hired by the Carnegie foundation to help accelerate Medical Reform pursued by the Council of Medical Education, a committee called to action by the American Medical Association. He visited 155 Medical schools and it was his #1 goal to cut both the number of medical schools (from 155 to 31) and the number of poorly trained physicians. Not all these medical schools were Eclectic schools, they also included other alternative health schools teaching naturopathy, homoeopathy, ostepathy or chiropractic care.

In 1934, J. C. Hubbard, M.D., the president of the Eclectic Medical Association said:

“We must choose between being absorbed by the dominant section, our professional activities dictated and controlled, our policies subject to the approval of an unfriendly, prejudiced, self-constituted authority, and soon lose our identity as the Eclectic Section of American Medicine, or adapt ourselves to the general social change and retain the old Eclectic values of individual freedom of thought and action, independence in practice and the right to use that which has stood the test of experience in our service to mankind.”

The last Eclectic Medical School closed in Cincinnati in 1939 despite clinical evidence of patients getting well under their treatment. A particular study across public hospitals illustrated that eclectic treatment resulted in better outcomes for the patients than allopathic treatment. Sadly that argument and record could not counter the new mandate that all medical care should be scientifically proven and follow guidelines of standardized care.

“In the public hospitals of New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Springfield, Des Moines, San Francisco, Atlanta, carefully compiled statistics were kept as to the results of treatments of all diseases.”

Helpful physical manipulation techniques to help heal structural problems today

Many types of body manipulation techniques gain popularity today and are widely available as more people experience their helpful effects with many physical ailments. However, it makes sense to use them AFTER  other primary causes have been identified and addressed. For example toxicity in the body due to a high load in heavy metals or petrochemicals can prevent the effectiveness of physical body manipulations seeking to influence the more subtle body regulation systems. I’ll mention a few of the more common physical manipulation techniques. There are many more and it takes some trials and experimentation to find the modalities that are most suitable and helpful in specific circumstances.

a) Chiropractic Care – Quantum Spinal Mechanics 3 Dimensional (QSM3) is a branch of chiropractic care that still or again emphasizes the connection between structure and its neurological consequences. It seeks to not only address postural balance but to restore the entire unobstructed energetic flow of life.

b) Osteopathy: Doctors of Osteopathy (DO) still practice a form of full body hands-on manipulative care today that seeks to not only ease pain but also to restore full body function. It is their stated goal to promote overall health and well-being.

c) Cranial-Sacral Therapy: All proper positioning and movement depends on how the head and neck are aligned in relationship to the body. The rhythm of the cerebral fluid is slightly slower than the respiratory rhythm; it’ll follow irregular and jumpy patterns if there is a problem and will even out and become calm and rhythmic when the body has solved the problem. This rhythm  is felt by the practitioner to treat fixated areas & other distortion patterns. Craniosacral therapy uses gentle manipulative pressure and intention. We’ve had 1st hand experience of this in December at our home among a group of friends when a skilled practitioner was demonstrating this. A person with long known coconut sensitivity held a coconut flake on her tongue and the practitioner was able to feel the stress reaction as the irregular, jumpy rhythm of the fluid. The rhythm eventually calmed down and became regular. From that moment on the coconut sensitivity was overcome and the person can now tolerate eating coconut without problem. More often than not, this type of food allergies/sensitivities are reactions to “false” stress alarm signals in our body. When the body realizes that there is no “real” danger from the substance, than it is possible to overcome the stress reaction/sensitivity/allergy. My friend’s sensitivity has not returned in over 2 months and she is still able to enjoy occasional eating of coconut without problems….

d) Rolfing: Dr. Ida P. Rolf received her Ph.D. in biological chemistry from Columbia University in 1920 and furthered her knowledge of the body through her scientific work in chemotherapy and organic chemistry at the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.

Rolfing therapists seek to decrease pain and increase the active range of motion through Structural Integration work and Myofascial Release. Stanford University School of Medicine did an interesting study focusing on children with cerebral palsy  – I am quoting the summary results here and also include the parents’ observations upon completion of this pilot project.  

Myofascial Structural Integration Therapy holds promise as a complementary treatment for young children with cerebral palsy. Myofascial Structural Integration may be particularly valuable when children are young and beginning to develop motor skills Myofascial Structural Integration may have benefits beyond decreasing spasticity, such as increased growth and appetite”

Sadly, there always is a lack of funding into more research into alternative techniques. Despite documented success when there is a funded study, and despite many people reporting clear benefits from Rolfing work, you will still find Wikipedia today describing Rolfing as “pseudoscience and quackery”.

e) Heller Work: Joseph Heller graduated from Cal Tech as an Aerospace Engineer and worked in NASA space programs until the early ’70s when he became involved in humanistic psychology.

In 1972 he trained with Ida Rolf and became the first President of the Rolf Institute. Based on his own experiences with clients and studies he founded his own version of body work and movement. Heller interprets the entire muscular-skeletal structure in relationship to the gravitational field in which it exists. The technique analyzes the relationship of body and skeleton parts within the whole body focusing on necessary alignment in order to achieve full function. Heller work re-balances the entire body and returns it to a more aligned, relaxed and youthful state. Balance is a process of constant flux – a fluid expression of wholeness and ease.

f) Trager Treatments

This approach is also known as a psychophysical integration therapy.

The practitioners of this treatment look for coordinated patterns of motion associated with long-term pain or injuries. they apply neuromuscular pressure by using soft, rhythmic rocking movements. These rhythmic motions can produce a state of deep relaxation, which can enable the body as well as the mind to heal and achieve a state of harmony and integration.

g) MELT is another technique that is widely taught and practiced now. With this technique people learn how to manipulate their own bodies with the help of some basic tools to rebalance the nervous system, rehydrate the connective tissue, and release compression in joints.

h) Feldenkrais Work seeks to break up patterns of habitual neuromuscular rigidity that cause patterns of pain and dysfunction. This technique identifies weak and atrophied muscles and strengthens them to bring the overall function of movement into better balance. Even in cases of known physical accidents and injuries the treatment will seek to also address associated perceptual and neuromuscular constraints.

i) Applied Kinesiology: Applied Kinesiology (AK) the understands and uses the interdependencies of both musculo-skeletal and organ related diseases for both diagnostic and healing purposes. Practitioners are not very wide-spread. The technique is controversial since it depends on the subjective assessment of muscle strength and weakness by the practitioner. But many people who have had experiences with skilled practitioners – me included – can attest to the fact that a skilled practitioner in AK is more effective at identifying root causes of disease than expensive standard blood- and other laboratory tests are. If you have any longer standing hard to pinpoint disease, it might be worth your while to get a relatively inexpensive AK diagnosis and root-cause assessment before validating these findings later with specific targeted blood and lab tests. If you’ll be able to substantiate the findings with traditional lab tests, you might then also be covered by insurance for treatments.

j) Yoga Therapy: My personal preferred way to achieve and keep up mobility, strength and flexibility in my body is regular yoga practice. I have personally experienced that the body is a dynamic, self-repairing organism. Long-held chronic low back pain is not irreversible and subject to inevitable decay and degeneration. Each yoga posture/asana can stretch, strengthen and tone nerves, muscles and tissues. Yoga postures massage the internal organs and nourish them with fresh, oxygenated blood. This not only helps to prevent routine aches and pains it also reverses life-style driven long-standing postural pains that we often wrongly accept as necessary occurrences of aging! And with regular practice I have been slowly progressing toward better alignment and posture. When I look back over the last 9 years, I can see that this process unfolded in form of step functions. New poses that previously had been inaccessible to me, suddenly become possible and part of my routine. Each time this happened, it usually coincided with resolutions of past emotional issues and spiritual growth spurts. This type of progress appears to unfold naturally like the peeling back of an onion depending on my readiness to face new, different and deeper aspects of myself. Based on this experience, I can personally endorse yoga and vouch for its generally accepted benefits such as:

  1. Providing you with a total body workout improving strength, flexibility and posture
  2. Easing many types of pain including back and joint pains as well as other tensions held in your body
  3. Awakening and energizing you so that you’ll accomplish more throughout your daily activities
  4. Purifying and cleansing not only the digestive system but also your awareness and thus sharpening your consciousness
  5. Calming the monkey-mind – in my personal biased opinion, there is no better stress-management tool than regular yoga practice.

We live in interesting times – we have more access to information and knowledge than ever before. This is an opportunity to take advantage of our various ways of knowing – be that via scientific advancement and proof or via experiences and observations regardless of whether we can explain the success or not. I certainly appreciate the need to protect against ineffective medicine and I recognize the benefits of having standards of care identified. But I also find it tragic when knowledge and wisdom is suppressed from use and therefore destined to eventual loss especially if many of us could benefit as patients. Wanting to exclusively adhere to narrowly defined scientific standards protects primarily the interests of a powerful pharmaceutical and health industry. It does not serve the best interest of our increasingly sick population.

In 2016 the US spent $3.3 trillion on sick-care – or $10,348 per person on average! That is by far more than any other country spends. It represented 17.9% of the country’s GDP. Yet the childhood mortality remains high at 5.8 deaths per 1000 live births. That’s better than many developing countries, but ranks around #30 among developed countries with far lower spending on health care.

According to the Not-for-Profit organization Partnership to fight Chronic Disease, 59% of the US population in 2015 are affected by one or more chronic diseases. This number seems to have grown much faster in recent years than any of the predictions done 10 to 15 years ago could anticipate.

Given this not exactly stellar performance in return for the science based sick-care spending over the last several decades, it is time to reconsider our approach. We should expand our tolerance and recognize the wisdom of life. Let us not be afraid of free use of all modalities that can help achieve a fuller more vibrant life in the healthy state we should experience well into old-age.

Cheers to Good Health for ALL!

Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) – a Blessing or a Curse – Maybe Both?

We are more and more connected; we have our cell-phones everywhere. They keep us informed about any subject instantaneously at our fingertips…. We think and move faster than ever before. Apps add to our entertainment value, and for parents, cell phones often act as cheap and effective baby sitters keeping their children engaged. We take them for granted, everybody carries cell phones with them most of the time, more often than not, close to the body somewhere…..

What we don’t do is – stop and think: “What is the price for this relatively new-found convenience?”

Before I express my concerns and warnings, I’d like explain how Holistic Biological Medicine describes how our bodies regulate.
You can read about this subject at length in Alfred Pischinger’s book: “The Extracellular Matrix and Ground Regulation”. Pischinger was a MD and a professor at the Department of Histology and Embryology at the Vienna University Medical Department. In 1948 he was the first scientist to describe the regulation of the Extracellular Matrix and pointed out that imbalances at that level are the cause of most diseases. The book is co-authored by a successor of Professor Pischinger,  Hartmut Heine, who edited and updated his findings.

Did you ever wonder how it is possible that our system can manage so many stimuli simultaneously? – Not only do all our various body systems (circulatory system, respiratory system, nervous system, endocrine system, digestive tract, immune system, metabolic transformations etc…) regulate toward their own balanced levels independent from each other – they also influence and interact with each other – at a speed that is literally “lightning speed” – There is no continuous direct connection between the organs’ cells and capillaries or nerve cells. But yet every impulse and stimulus passes via nerves and capillaries. This suggests another parallel transfer mechanism of incoming new information signals which likely happens via the extracellular fluid. It is ubiquitous and a far superior transmitter than the nervous system. If every impulse or stimulus would solely depend on the nerves for dissemination of information to the brain, it would take far longer than our experience suggests. Studies that follow electrical changes when puncturing the skin prove that any stimulus that exceeds a certain threshold will trigger a simultaneous reaction throughout the entire matrix.

This realization is promising with regard to using ultra low EMF impulses for therapeutic purposesSubtle stimulation at targeted points can cause a release of toxins and thus resolve silent inflammation or affect other biological functions. It’s humbling to contemplate the fact that effects of minimal stimulation to our skin can and do create whole system changes to our entire body. Modern Holistic Biological Medicine researchers acknowledge that the acupuncture meridians (known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for a very long time) are the main channels of the Extracellular Matrix (almost simultaneous) energy flow.

I think it is both interesting and important to understand how subtle the differences in electric charge are between the extracellular and intracellular fluids!

Let’s look at an example – the sodium potassium pumps that are found in many cell plasma membranes between the extra- and intracellular spaces. They actively transport sodium ions out of a cell and potassium ions into a cell. In order for Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which attaches to carrier proteins acting like “molecular units of currency”, to move those ions, ATP relies both on the principle of osmosis and on an energetic charge difference (membrane potential) between a cell’s intracellular cytoplasm and the extracellular fluid of  ~70mV to 90mV.

If we focus on two main functions of this regulatory system being:

  1. Regulation of basic physiological functions such as managing oxygen, water, electrolyte, PH and energy levels and
  2. Local and systemic immunological defense which includes antibody creation

It becomes clear that almost all chronic disease takes its origin in a break-down of this Extracellular Matrix regulation.

On the website of Science Direct you can download an article from May 2015.

Its title is: “The effect of low-frequency electromagnetic field on human bone marrow stem/progenitor cell differentiation”. The article is written by a series of people working at a variety of Medical Schools. The 13 page article analyzing scientific research publications on the subject concludes as follows: “While it remains difficult to alter the expression of genes to rebuild damaged tissues in humans, especially when considering the use of controversial treatments such as stem cell and gene therapies, a systems-based view of development and regeneration may provide suitable therapeutic alternatives. Complex interactions of multiple genetic substances give rise to physical cues, including mechanical and electrical signals that are relatively easier to control and implement in order to guide repair and regeneration. Treatment using EMF could be an auxiliary approach to enhancing cellular activities for tissue regeneration by stimulating cells with both EMF and the proper chemical signals (differentiation media and growth factors) to promote cellular responses synergistically. Additionally, this inherently noninvasive and noncontact treatment method is easily applied to cells for tissue regeneration using three-dimensional scaffolds (Kim et al., 2011; Konrad et al., 1996; Liu et al., 2012; Trock, 2000; Yun JH et al., 2012). Exposure of the EMF to cells on scaffolds with specific conditions has been reported to accelerate tissue formation (Saino et al., 2011).”

This is encouraging – researchers figure out how to restore faulty EMF regulation within the body……

It raises the “elephant in the room” question! What are potential reasons for this Extracellular Matrix Regulation to break down in the first place?

Is it conceivable that our cell phone use could upset this delicate energy differential in our Matrix regulation?

Experts have been working on the subject of Electro-Smog for the last 30 years along with employees of Baubiologie Maes.  They have been pointing out that our current standards and guidelines are inadequate to protect us from its harmful effects. They published the 6th edition of their book “Stress durch Strom und Strahlung” (translated: “Stress from Electricity and Radiation”) (1100 pages)

At night when we sleep we expect to regenerate and restore our body to another day of healthy activity. Let’s assume that the bed we sleep in has a box-spring mattress and that our bedroom has electric outlets at mattress height…. If we use lights, an electric alarm clock and/or other electric devices…. Then the metal box springs in our mattress will act as electricity conductors and charge our bodies, who are also conducting electricity with ~5V! That is between 5 x and 6 x the level of electricity found in our cells Sodium Potassium Pumps! The bio-communication within our bodies is massively influenced by alternating electric current. Erroneous regulation as well as nerve damage or hormonal imbalances can result. This low-level electricity we are exposing ourselves to without even thinking about it, can and does significantly disturb our sleep and health!

To avoid this electric charge at night we can replace the box-spring mattress with another that does not contain metal and move electric devices such as alarm clocks to the other end of the room.

The US Federal Communications Commission publishes a startling table dated 2007 citing dozens of EMF density thresholds and studies showing verified impacts on our lives many orders of magnitude below legal, permitted and experienced thresholds limits!

If we hold a cell phone close to our ear during a conversation with someone, our head experiences EMF smog of 10,000 µW/cm² density (Baubiologie Maes Team in their publication from 2017)

(0.000001 µW/m² =) 0.0000000001 µW/cm² is the natural background density of EMF!

0.1 µW/m² = 0.000,01 µW/cm²

0.05 µW/cm² is our exposure if we are 10 Feet (3 meters) from a Wireless Computer

0.016 µW/cm² is our exposure 1 Mile (1.6Km) from a Cellular Tower

0.007 µW/cm² is our exposure 50 Feet from a Cordless Phone

0.001 µW/cm² is our exposure 100 Yards from Cell Phone

0.000001 µW/cm² is our exposure with a cell phone in full reception mode

 The following web-site shows antennas and cell towers within a 4 mile radius of your home.

All following studies and values are quotes from either the FCC table  or from the Maes publications!

 1000.0 µW/cm² is the United States FCC Exposure Limit, Safety Code 6 Canada limit (that is an order of magnitude less than a regular cell phone call actually exposes us to during a conversation – and many, many orders of magnitude higher than well established levels of harm!)

10.0 µW/cm² Redistribution of metals in the lungs, brain, heart, liver, kidney, muscles, spleen, bones, skin, blood (Shutenko 1981)

10.0 µW/cm² Impaired memory and visual reaction time in people living near transmitters (Chiang 1989)

10.0 µW/cm² Damaged mitochondria, nucleus of cells in hippocampus of brain (Belokrinitskiy 1982)

5.0 µW/cm² Biochemical and histological changes in liver, heart, kidney, and brain tissue (Belokrinitskiy 1982)

2.0 µW/cm² lower “Microwave hearing” – clicking, buzzing, chirping, hissing, or high-pitched threshold note tones known (Frey 1963, 1969, 1971, 1973, 1988, Justeson 1979, Olsen 1980, Wieske 1963, Lin 1978)

5.0 µW/cm² Leukemia, skin melanoma and bladder cancer near TV and FM transmitter (Dolk 1997)

2.5 µW/cm² Breakdown of blood-brain barrier (used a digital cell phone to radiate) (Salford 1997)

1.0 µW/cm² Headache, dizziness, irritability, fatigue, weakness, insomnia, chest pain, difficulty breathing, indigestion (humans—occupational exposure) (Simonenko 1998)

0–4 µW/cm² Altered white blood cell activity in schoolchildren (Chiang 1989)

0.6 µW/cm² Change in calcium ion efflux from brain tissue (Dutta 1986)

0.3 µW/cm² Impaired motor function, reaction time, memory and attention of school children, and altered sex ratio of children (fewer boys) (Kolodynski 1996)

0.2 to 8.0 µW/cm² Childhood leukemia near transmitters (Hocking 1996)

0.168 µW/cm² Irreversible sterility in mice (Magras 1997)

0.13 µW/cm² Decreased cell growth (human epithelial amnion cells) (Kwee 1997)

0.1 to 1.8 µW/cm² Decreased life span, impaired reproduction, structural and developmental abnormalities in duckweed plants (Magone 1996)

0.09 µW/cm² Damage to immune system (Bruvere 1998)

0.08 µW/cm² Calcium ion disturbance in cells (Schwarz 1990)

0.06 µW/cm² Altered EEG, disturbed carbohydrate metabolism, enlarged adrenals, altered adrenal hormone levels, structural changes in liver, spleen, testes, and brain in white rats and rabbits (Dumanskij 1974)

0.05 µW/cm² Headaches and changes in the nervous system (Navarro 2002)

0.02 µW/cm² Damages on cell membranes (Marinelli 1999)

0.002 µW/cm² Sleep disorders, abnormal blood pressure, nervousness, weakness, fatigue, limb and joint pain, digestive problems, fewer schoolchildren promoted (Altpeter 1995, 1997)

0.00002 µW/cm² Health impacts to mammals (Lundquist/BEMS 2002)

0.000027 µW/cm² Premature aging of pine needles (Selga 1996)

0.000005 µW/cm² Effect on cell growth in yeast (Grundler 1992)

<0.0000000001 µW/cm² is the natural background density of EMF! (Maes)

So after all this gloomy data – do we dismiss it as bogus? Despite all these research findings concluding that EMF has damaging effects on life? Can this even be credible? After all, with such order of magnitude differences in values, wouldn’t we all be dead or deadly sick by now with our constant exposure? Are we not still feeling pretty good, aren’t we?

The European Environmental Agency in Copenhagen Bio-initiative Group evaluated ~2000 different studies about the effect of EMF on our health. Their report concludes that a cell phone use of 10 years or more increases the risk to develop a brain tumor by 20% to 200% depending on use frequency. Why is the risk not even higher?

In 2007 they called for …”tougher safety standards to regulate radiation from mobile phones, power lines and many other sources of exposure in daily life”…. “Current evidence, although limited, is strong enough to question the scientific basis for the present EMF exposure limits, according to the Bio-Initiative Working Group.”

I think it is important to know and remember in our daily lives that each time we subject our bodies to electricity we also create magnetic fields causing reactions in our bodies (nerves, heart, brain but also each body cell carry an electric charge).

  • Electricity at μA (Micro Ampere) level causes physiological impulses
  • Electricity at mA (Milli Ampere) level causes disruption in information transfer
  • Higher levels of electricity destroy cell membranes!

Luckily, our bodies are intelligent and highly adaptable creatures. They do regenerate cells at remarkable speed.

An adult human being has ~1014 or 100 trillion or 100 000 000 000 000 cells. And each second about 50 million cells die and we replace almost as many. The fact that we don’t quite manage to replace them all contributes to our aging process and we also know and accept that we lose about 100,000 brain cells every day. The range of time it takes to regenerate cells is large – from replacing white blood cells every 1-3 days to replacing bone cells that can survive up to 30 years. Organ cells have a life span between days (digestive tract) to weeks (liver, esophagus) to months (bladder).

So of course, we can go into overdrive and replace damaged cells, and of course our system can still perform the most important functions…. But it is also undeniable that chronic inflammatory diseases have been on a steady rise over the last 50 years. With the added stress of functioning in a cloud of invisible EMF smog we simply cannot keep up – we slowly but gradually all build up stress levels that have us break down in individually different ways at different times with varying degrees of severity

(Table taken from the “Earthing the most important health discovery ever book” by Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra MD and Martin Zucker)

This begs the question what we can do to protect ourselves from this ubiquitous Electro-smog and delay onset of disease as long as possible.

The most effective advice is probably to not use cell phones and computers at all! Many researchers actually recommend that – while they probably themselves find it hard to comply with their own advice. I know, I use my computer a lot – but yes, I’m probably one of the last dinosaurs who do not carry a smart phone.

I know, if I read in the evening, I naturally get very tired and find it hard to concentrate past 10:00 PM. However, if I work on the computer, my bio regulation seems to fail – I can easily push past my naturally occurring fatigue and work until midnight or later…..

What else can protect us from the ubiquitous EMF?

The book about Earthing promotes walking barefoot on the Earth (because shoes insulate us) to ground built up electric charges out of us. The recommendation is to do it at least three times daily and a variety of studies confirmed the effectiveness of this simple measure. You’ll find 23 of these studies here:  Spending time outside is always good advice for many reasons – and maybe in this context hugging a tree every once in a while doesn’t sound so “woo-woo” anymore, does it?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) causes significant damage in industry by destroying highly sensitive electronic parts and microchips. Companies use products such as wristbands, shoes, and conductive flooring or pads under work desks to reduce this type of damage. You can use these products at a personal level as well to help ground.

I find myself, making a point of touching the metal faucets with running water regularly when I wash my hands or spend time at the sink to help ground any built up electrical charges. This seems particularly important after using public transportation, since everybody uses cell phones on the bus. And the rubber tires aren’t suitable to prevent the accumulation and build-up of density of EMF. Also, if you live or spend significant amounts of time in high-rise buildings on floors that are higher up, you may want to touch faucets with running water regularly to avoid carrying extended periods of built up electricity in your system.

Other helpful things people with EMF sensitivity find useful to offset their symptoms are:

  • Taking cold showers
  • Taking hot baths with Epsom salts
  • Any kind of stress relief such as meditation, yoga, Pilates, massages, physical exercise as well as other spiritual practices that help connect us to the Source

Electro Smog is only one source of stress to our bodies, but an important one and raising awareness about it and reducing our exposure can only help.

Let us remember how precious life is and how easily and carelessly we create environments for ourselves that upset the delicate balance of nature we all rely on to thrive!