The purpose of this website is to help restore vitality – the energy state of being strong and active.

We humans are remarkable beings with amazing intelligence, but too often we are unconscious of the treasure within us. Nature designed us as healthy beings along with an inherent ability of our bodies to heal. Sadly we act against our inner wisdom and make lifestyle choices that as adults we understand as “the norm” or “necessity”. I believe, it is possible to connect to our greater knowledge within and bring it into our conscious awareness. This website seeks to promote this process.

My periodic entries will draw both from more recent scientific findings as well as from mystic traditions and possibly lead to integration of both in time.

Conventional science-based knowledge and spiritual wisdom are two sides of the same coin leading together toward greater understanding.

Hopefully this will become a thought-provoking forum that also aims to raise curiosity about each individual’s true purpose.

My wish for you, the reader, is to find inspiration for your own growth and development journey toward more vibrancy and fulfillment!

Thank you for your interest.


Many thanks to John for his help in creating supportive graphics!